As Jason wrote below, the Republicans out-foxed themselves with their call for a special session. Not only will this not help them in November, it will also bring fresh criticism at Gov. Owens from his own side and pit them against each other:

Check out these quotes in today’s Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post.

  • Rep. Lynn Hefley, R-Colorado Springs, said, “‘It’s my party too, and I came here for us to do a job, and I’m ashamed of us.'” (Denver Post, 7/11/06)
  • “Several Republicans exploded at what they saw as a sellout.” (Rocky Mountain News, 7/11/06)
  • “‘[Owens] took over eight years ago, when the Republicans were in the majority in the legislature, and he’s lost that. Now he continues to triangulate and make clever deals and treasure his personal approval rating.'” said Sen. Shawn Mitchell, R-Broomfield. (Rocky Mountain News, 7/11/06)
  • “It’s the second year in a row a core group of Republicans has felt betrayed by the governor.” (Rocky Mountain News, 7/11/06)
  • “The [Republican] governor [Bill Owens] placed the blame squarely on the legislative Republicans for changing their positions throughout the day.” (Denver Post, 7/11/06)