This concept is entirely foreign to me, but it is actually possible to ring in the New Year in a healthy way. For some crazy folks, it’s probably also… fun.

The Resolution 5K Run and Walk at Washington Park is Denver’s oldest New Year’s Eve running event, now in its 20th year. The $25 entry fee will benefit Family Resource Centers across Colorado (Carmelo Anthony’s fave charity, no less) which provide educational services, affordable child care, transportation, parenting classes, and other services in both urban and rural settings.

The race begins at 6 p.m., and the first 100 finishers will be timed and scored. Awards go to the top 10 runners, and then a big celebration at South High School kicks off after the race.

As for me, I’ll keep to my tradition of binge drinking and lots of dancing (see? aerobic excersie, right?) and save the resolution making for the next day. (I swear, I’ll never drink again. Yeah, right.)