As the saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing—and at Curtis Park’s four-month-old outpost of Austin-born sushi eatery, Uchi, that good thing was natural light. Colorado’s copious sunshine pours into the building’s second-story greenhouse, where food is grown for the restaurant. But in the modern dining room downstairs, all that light was just too harsh. The solution: a brick wall constructed to block the sun’s glare while allowing just the right amount of light to filter in. How? The wall is dotted with 770 crystal blocks, which, on a sunny day, fling rainbows across the dining room tables—and allow diners peeks of the city skyline. “The brick wall was a move to address the daylight, really to tame it,” says Mike Moore of Denver’s Tres Birds Workshop, the building’s architect, builder, and interior designer. Overhead, lumber reclaimed from Tres Birds’ projects softens the din and complements Uchi’s sustainable seafood mission—a design and dining ethos we can’t get enough of.