When Janice Henning first opened her restaurant Beehive in Capitol Hill years ago, her local, seasonal concept was cutting edge. Now, after a long hiatus, Henning is back with a reincarnation of Beehive—this time off Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall.

Though the farm-to-table concept is no longer novel (particularly in Boulder), Beehive still stands out with its deeply flavored New American menu. Salads sparkle with just-picked freshness, and entrées such as the slow-cooked pork ragu over creamy polenta and the duck confit with Isabelle Farm’s braising greens, pickled red onions, and white bean ragout, satisfy with a layer of comfort.

There are homespun details too: Tiny, warm cheese gougères (pictured) tucked into a paper-lined fruit basket; and Uncle Andy’s sweet pickles served straight out of the canning jar. It takes a lot to impress the already satiated diners of Boulder and Denver, but Beehive appears to be finding its place.

2018 10th St., Boulder, 303-786-8585