Back in high school I used to drive around Littleton listening to what we now call Old School Rap and R&B on AM 1510, KDKO. So count me among the many people who are happy to hear that Daddio, the former owner of KDKO, will be back on the air. Starting this weekend, he will be co-hosting a blues and jazz show Saturday nights from 7-9 p.m. on KUVO.

This might be a case of an old favor getting repaid — if my memory is correct, KUVO program director Carlos Lando got his start as a KDKO disc jockey way back in the day.

To make time for Daddio’s show, KUVO is going to turn the R&B Jukebox into an occasional special instead of a weekly staple. It’s true that R&B Jukebox didn’t really fit with the blues-heavy Saturday night schedule. Here’s hoping Daddio’s new show will fare better in that key time slot for the station.