We’ve reached an era in pop music in which so many “singer-songwriters” are plying their whispery trade, it sometimes becomes nearly impossible to discern this one from that one. That’s why it’s so rewarding to discover local talents like Patrick Dethlefs, a crafter of gentle lullabys who manages to sound familiar yet distinct with every new song.

On “While You’re Carrying the Weight,” his latest three-song EP, Dethlefs serenades us through acoustic ballads in a lilt flecked with tones reminiscent of melodic crooners like Sufjan Stevens and David Gray. But what really separates Dethlefs from others of his ilk is his backing band, which provides cozy layers of piano, strings, and percussion that give his songs a richness unique to a genre that can often be stark and spare.

Dethlefs is only beginning to create—his solo Spotify page features a mere 10 songs. But for those who want to hear more, he’ll be playing Gold Hill Inn (with fellow troubador Reed Foehl) this Sunday night. Hopefully, even more of his uniquely engaging songs will be on the way soon and continue to rise above the noise.

Hear It: Reed Foehl and Patrick Dethlefs, Sunday, 10/20, 8PM, Gold Hill Inn, 401 Main Street, Gold Hill, 303-443-6475, Tickets: $10.

—Image courtesy of Patrick Dethlefs.

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