Richard Heene, the man convicted for his role in staging the “balloon boy” stunt, has been released from jail to wrap up his 90-day sentence, which began in January, back at home in Fort Collins, under close supervision. He is allowed to leave only for work or visits to his lawyer or doctor, Larimer County sheriff spokeswoman Eloise Campanella tells CNN, and his movements will be monitored with an electronic ankle bracelet that comes off on April 4. Heene must now begin four years of probation, completing 100 hours of community service each of those years as part of the sentence for his guilty plea to a felony count of attempting to influence a public servant. Back in January, Heene made headlines for claiming that despite his admission of guilt, he really thought his son Falcon was carried aloft in his UFO-like homemade weather balloon. Westword notes that Heene is now back in his element, a home “where he has all of his inventing tools and material, not to mention lotsa time to cook up his next attention-getter.”