Tesla vehicles are part of a brand-new—and potentially market-changing—service right here in Colorado. Teslyne, a transportation service similar to Uber and Lyft, has a mission to provide patrons high-end, cost-effective rides with a luxurious (and even futuristic) feel. The experience of calling a car differs in that you dial a number, 833-TESLYNE (833-837-5963), rather than using an app. But perhaps the biggest difference is that Teslyne’s fleet is made up of Tesla Model X (SUVs), which means your cruise demands no gasoline, no emissions and, well, no guilt.

You’re probably thinking a ride in the luxury of Tesla is more expensive than the fairly cheap services currently out there—but the kicker is, probably not. Teslyne’s founder, Kyle Ewing, says that by using electric cars his company is able to “provide the consistency and professionalism of a private car service but…at the same price as Uber and Lyft.” In fact, a trip from Denver International Airport (DIA) to downtown Denver costs $59, and Ewing shared that Teslyne doesn’t ever surge prices, so a ride in rush hour won’t break the bank.

For those heading out to the mountains, this environmentally conscious car service stays true to their low-cost objective. Venturing from DIA to Keystone costs $157, and a trip from DIA to Breckenridge comes to $164. When compared to shuttle prices to those destinations that can cost up to $200 one-way for a family of four—and can upcharge for outdoor gear and luggage—Teslyne’s price point prevails.

Aside from the affordability, Teslyne’s all-wheel drive cars are spacious enough to hold all of your ski and snowboard gear, and seat five comfortably, surpassing the stuffy, cramped, and uncomfortable passenger van ordeal. The car’s wide windows provide panoramic views that make an excursion through the Rockies a state-of-the art, scenic experience. Plus, let’s face it, the Tesla Model X falcon wing doors are pretty sweet. Who doesn’t want to arrive in style, regardless of the destination?

When asked whether Teslyne will eventually become an autonomous car service, Ewing shared that all of their vehicles have the capability to be autonomous. It’s  just a matter of time. “As soon as the legislature says you don’t have to a have a driver anymore, we’ll pull the drivers into the office, and they will help manage the business,” shares Ewing. There’s no way to know the future of this industry, but it sure seems that Teslyne is shaping it. Check out their Instagram page for discounts.