If you like your ice cream loaded with ponds of salted caramel, globs of crunchy Oreo toffee, strips of gooey butter cake, and downright brimming with other over-the-top mix-ins, then you’re going to want to order a few pints of Right Cream ice cream, stat.

Tech salesman by day David Right moonlights as an ice cream-churning superhero, concocting the flavors of his—and your—dreams. On nights, weekends, and in between Zoom meetings, you’ll find Right whipping up cookies, toffees, cakes, brownies, blondies, caramels, jams, and pretty much whatever whims he thinks will be tasty packed into his creamy, 15 to 16 percent butterfat ice cream bases. Right makes everything himself, just 20 to 30 pints at a time, and even hand delivers them to your door. “I like taking ideas and turning them into flavors,” Right says. “I want it to be more than just ice cream. I want it to be something people remember, something I put a lot of love and effort into.”

Right’s cooking background includes working the line at Table 6 in college, but he put his culinary aspirations on the back burner in favor of a more traditional job in sales. Fast forward almost a decade to this past spring when Right, along with many others, found himself with extra time on his hands. He started making these ultra-premium ice creams loaded with nuggets of goodness for his family and friends and realized that he really missed cooking.

So he started his delivery-only Right Cream side hustle in June, creating ultra-chunky, indulgent flavors like Peach Emoji, a Palisade peach ice cream base rich with deposits of peach jam and—the best part—a decadent strata of cinnamon-kissed brown butter cookie crumble; Cookies & C.R.E.A.M., full of globs of crunchy Oreo toffee and little puddles of chewy salted caramel liberally thrown into a creamy Oreo cookie ice cream base; ’stachio Ride, the pistachio-est ice cream you’ve ever had laden with blackberry jam and sprinkles of pistachio-lemon crunch; and Salty Bae, a salted pretzel ice cream studded with dark chocolate ganache and cashew and potato chip brittle. “I get to do all of these elements of cooking, but put them in an ice cream pint,” he says.

Right uses local products when possible, like peaches and cherries from Palisade, and he’s looking to work with a local dairy to source heavy cream and whole milk. Because this is such a small batch operation, every ingredient matters, along with the personal connection he gets by making every pint and delivering it himself. “I really like the personal level I have with people right now,” he says. “Meeting people, dropping it off, and changing the menu weekly and getting to be creative with it. I don’t want to lose that.”

To get your delivery, Instagram message Right before the limited weekly flavors sell out. He posts the week’s menu via Instagram stories between Monday and Wednesday for weekend delivery. His delivery radius is about 15 miles from Denver, with a two-pint minimum. Two pints cost $20, and there’s typically a vegan option.

“This is what I love to do, and this is what I think about most of the time,” Right says. “I do want this to be the thing I end up doing. This is who I feel I am, and what I feel I should be doing.”

Allyson Reedy
Allyson Reedy
Allyson Reedy is a freelance writer and ice cream fanatic living in Broomfield.