Patsy Ramsey, mother of Jonbenet Ramsey, has died at age 49 of ovarian cancer.

She will be buried next to JonBenet in St. James Cemetery at Marietta, Ga., said Terry Pendley, owner of Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home in Marietta, Ga. Services were scheduled for Thursday.

She never got to learn who murdered her daughter. She was villified by the mainstream press, the tabloids and on cable news and radio shows for years. It was the worst and most shameful rush to judgment I’ve seen in the past decade. Most of us can not begin to imagine what it must be like not only to lose a child but to have talk show hosts, reporters and pundits speculating on your guilt day after day.

I never met Patsy Ramsey, but I argued her innocence on cable news networks on a regular basis from the week Jonbenet was killed in 1996 until media interest dropped off in 1999 when the grand jury investigation ended and they were not indicted.

I still believe that DNA will find Jonbenet’s killer one day.

Rest in peace, Patsy Ramsey, and condolences to John, Burke and the their family and friends.