If coffee and a vitamin count as a balanced meal (and I’m just certain that they don’t), then I’m doing great on the breakfast front. I’ve never bought into the breakfast-as-most-important-meal concept, but weekend brunch is one of my favorite indulgences.

Now I have a handy-dandy guide to my travels: Rise and Dine: Breakfast in Denver & Boulder is a new guide book hot off the presses from Golden-based Fulcrum Publishing. Author Joey Porcelli includes over 100 restaurants, with short, witty reviews of each spot. She covers greasy spoons (Pete’s Kitchen! ) and family-friendly spots, and also includes posh hotel buffets, romantic hideaways, and power-brunch hotspots.

A few on my list to visit:

  • Kate’s on 35th Avenue, is located in a restored 1886 Victorian farmhouse at 35th & Albion. Kate’s serves fresh organic, low-fat food every Sunday, but I have never even heard of it, let alone tried it.
  • Politicians, cops, and city & county workers flock to Cherokee Dining on 12th for hearty meat-and-potatoes fare. Locals who become regulars might make it onto the wall of portraits by sketch artist Betsey Bradley. Sounds a little clique-ish, but cool.
  • Boulder’s Greenbriar Inn is a gorgeous spot for a special occasion. This one I’ve visited once, but reading about it reminded me of how perfect it is for a Sunday drive and a leisurely champagne brunch. It’s a bit spendy for eggs, (actually the buffet includes a fine spread) but well worth the splurge.
  • Porcelli writes that at Lienzo Charro at 25th & Federal, they barbeque goat on the weekends as part of the traditional Mexican menu, and that owner Lupe Zavala walked across the Mexican border with his family when he was 14. I’m curious. ‘Nuff said.

The reviews will also tell you the approximate pricing, whether or not alcohol is served (the ever-appreciated Bloody Mary is key for hangover brunches), hours and days they serve breakfast, whether or not healthy (veggie, low fat) fare is served, and if kids are welcome.

Look for the book at area bookstores, or order it online direct from Fulcrum.