When recession stress gets the best of me, I try to channel the frustration into a positive activity. Rather than opting for traditional yoga, I recently discovered free tai chi sessions, offered by the Tai Chi Project.

Rise early tomorrow morning and head out to City Park, on the west side of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. From 7 to 8:30 a.m. you’ll learn about and practice the Yang style of tai chi, as well as take a fitness walk, which focuses on the posture that makes walking more beneficial to your health.

Joining about 150 other people, participants break into groups depending on skill level, ranging from complete beginners to very advanced.

The Yang style draws from various movements or positions, called qigong, which also relate to breathing techniques and meditation. The movements are practiced in a sequence, moving at a pace determined by skill level. A moderate pace is actually the most appropriate for beginners, while a very slow or very quick pace is left to the more advanced.

Though tai chi is often associated with martial arts, the Yang style is more focused on health benefits and mental focus. It’s also considered a foundation style for other forms of tai chi and martial arts. For now, work on getting the benefits of better balance and flexibility, relieving stress, learning to find your center, and increasing your chi, or life energy.

If you can’t make it tomorrow, the sessions are offered every Tuesday morning through August.