I’ve been sucked in. I tried to avoid it. For weeks I managed not to watch, or even TiVo the show, or view any of the gazillion re-runs each week. But alas, I am a weak-willed woman. I lost the battle, and I’m totally watching Project Runway again.

At least I’m not alone. There are Wednesday night gatherings all around town, and though working from home leaves my water-cooler conversations rather limited, I’m sure that many an office has lively arguments about the contestants each Thursday morning.

Tonight though, I’ll leave the boob tube alone in favor of some real-life runway action. The Riverfront Wine and Fashion series continues this evening from 5 to 9 p.m., with the much-anticipated Max fashion show, plus a South American theme featuring wines from Argentina, Latin nibbles from Zengo, tango dance performances, and more. The entire Millennium Plaza at Riverfront will be converted into a fashion parade for the evening; the guests are usually decked out as well as the models, and the sunset behind the Millennium Bridge (aka the ship’s mast between LoDo and Riverfront) offers a stunning backdrop. (Grab tickets online or at the door tonight.)

Now comes the pressing question of wardrobe drama. What to wear, what to wear?