The gourmet food-truck trend may have come late to the Mile High City, but it speedily made up for the delay—and then some. The proliferation of vendors has since led to such culinary adventures as Civic Center Eats and street-food parties hosted by the Food Truck Warriors and the Justice League of Street Food. But the ride hasn’t always been smooth, and when District 8 representative Carla Madison passed away earlier this month, city council lost the member charged with “steering” the food-truck task force (Westword).

As Denver “grapples with the rules that will guide this summer’s truck operations,” Boulder’s fledgling mobile restaurant fleet has hit its own bureaucratic speed bumps, with Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg’s StrEat Chefs becoming a casualty. But last night Boulder City Council took the first step toward regulating the vending vehicles, permitting them to sell their goods in select public rights-of-way, on approving private property, and at specific events (Daily Camera). Although trucks like the impossible-to-miss Comida have been operating in the People’s Republic, the council’s rules (which still require a final reading) come just as the Tasterie Truck hits the road.

Last winter, the burgeoning street-food scene led 5280 to include our favorites in the annual Best New Restaurants package and took us on a multimedia adventure with the Denver Cupcake Truck.