Despite the recession, this year might not be a bad one for a road trip. Gas prices will probably hover around $2.23 a gallon this summer, a bargain compared to last year’s $4-a-gallon nightmare, according to The Associated Press. And if you’re driving your highly babied car in the mountains, it might just be okay to go for the cheaper 85 octane gas, according to this random nugget in a Boston Globe story about gas station scams. According to the Globe, 85 octane is an advantage at higher altitudes because it ignites faster. But let’s say you want to cut down on the driving as part of your own belt-tightening plan. Don’t make your home a bunker. Be a tourist in Denver. More than 100 businesses–from restaurants to art galleries–have unveiled a slew of specials for the family priced at $52.80, according to the Denver Business Journal.