I don’t find myself in Colorado Springs often; however, now that I’ve discovered the Golden Bee, I imagine I’ll be making more trips south. Tucked into a corner on the Broadmoor’s sprawling property, this English-style pub is the kind of spot where you want to while away an afternoon.

The 51-year-old bar doesn’t just feel properly British, it actually is. Most of the panels, fixtures, and decor were shipped, in pieces, from a 19th-century pub in England. Since 1961, those parts have been assembled in an underground bunker-type space where Broadmoor guests and Springs residents gather for a pint of Boddingtons and a plate of heavy yet tasty English fare.

A bar stool is the best way to experience the Bee. Belly up, order a pint, and while you’re perusing the menu, munch on the free cheese dip with crackers. If you’re hungry, the cider-braised corned beef hash and cabbage roll is hearty and delicious, and comes with a heap of mashed potatoes and an earthy onion gravy. The beer-battered fish and chips also satisfies both the palate and a grumbling stomach.

If you’re more interested in liquid satisfaction, the Bee is famous for its yards (yes, really) of ale. You’ll need to set the waist-high “glass” on the floor and drink it rather quickly to enjoy it while it’s still cold, but, hey, when in Rome…er…England…er…Colorado Springs….

Bonus: Beginning at 8:30 p.m. every evening, a ragtime piano player rolls out sing-along songs from artists like James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, and Billy Joel. The whole bar joins in.

1 Lake Ave., Colorado Springs, 719-577-5776