Denver area law-enforcement officials, who are contending with a spate of bank robberies, have added medical marijuana dispensaries to their list of possible crime targets. Armed robbers and burglars may be after more than the cash that exchanges hands at dispensaries. The pot can be sold illegally on the streets for as much as $600 an ounce. And yesterday morning, the issue reared its head as crooks struck for the 25th time since July. It’s too early to say, statistically, that crime against marijuana facilities is a trend, says Joe J. Ramirez, a spokesman for Denver police (via The Denver Post). But you don’t want to be around when a crime goes down. The Healthy Choice dispensary on South Federal Boulevard at Gill Avenue was the site of yesterday’s attempted robbery, with two men in their 20s pulling out guns. Shots were fired. One of the owner’s sisters, Melinda Hernandez, tackled one of the suspects. “I thought they were plastic guns,” says Hernandez, who held the suspect until police arrived. The other suspect fled. Meanwhile, the tally for bank robberies so far this week is nine, according to 9News, which noted a robbery yesterday afternoon at the Bank of the West at Carr Street and Ralston Road in Arvada.