Rock Nation’s Kevin Fucile and Christopher “Smitty” Smith, two of the faces behind the Colorado Rockies’ unofficial fanclub, don’t sit passively in their seats. You’ll find them standing behind the dugouts and stadium exits awaiting the boys in purple and their adversaries to gather up signed memorabilia for their own collections. Both lifelong baseball fans, Fucile and Smitty’s collections have gone from simple baseball cards to full uniforms. Here are some favorites from the individual collections that together top more than a $500,000 in worth.

For the good of the cause: Besides seeing Fucile and Smitty occasionally handing out baseball cards to kids waiting for the Rockies to sign autographs before the game, the RockNation crew will also take pieces from their personal collections and donate them to auctions benefitting local charities like Let the Kids Play.

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—Images courtesy of Kevin Fucile and Christopher “Smitty” Smith

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