The Colorado Rockies pounded the New York Mets yesterday in a game the Mets aren’t likely to forget anytime soon. The Rockies’ 11-3 pummeling included eight of the team’s 11 runs coming in when they counted two outs (recap via the New York Daily News). It was a great day for pitcher Greg Smith, who claimed his first win as a Rockie and his first since September 2008, when he was a member of the Oakland A’s, notes The Denver Post. But the man at Coors Field receiving the most attention yesterday was Brent Doeden, a 53-year-old beer vendor who prefers to be called “Captain Earthman.” ESPN profiles the eccentric Doeden, who’s been a vendor for Rockies games since Coors Field opened and is easily recognized by his unique apparel, which includes peanut-shell earrings, an eye patch, and a cell phone necklace. He gives customers his number so they can call him with orders, but sometimes he gets so many he has to turn off the phone. He’s worked several jobs in his life—fish cutter, hot-tar roofer, and microchip maker—but seems destined to help people with refreshments and candy at ball games. But if you buy beer from him, you better plan to drink it–and that doesn’t mean sipping just one over the course of the game. “This is a pro game,” Doeden says. “You want to sissy-sip, go watch the Sky Sox down in Colorado Springs.”