The Rockies now say their website was hacked by external sources. Tomorrow at noon they will try again to sell tickets online.

On 9 News tonight a reporter referred to the problem as an attack by a “trojan horse.” The Rockies will have more servers and experts available tomorrow and a “backup plan.”

Ah, the unidentified malicious hacker. Color me skeptical.

Surely the Rockies knew there would be millions of attempts to enter their site today. They just weren’t prepared.

This isn’t the largest online event in internet history. Consider:

  • The Live Earth concert in July:

    More than 15 million video streams were seen during the live coverage by over 8 million people, with peak simultaneous viewership of nearly a quarter of a million people.

  • American Idol Gives Back raised $75 million during a two hour show for kids in Africa, using in large part, an online contribution page.

The good news is the games will be broadcast on television.