When it comes to predicting how the rest of the Rockies’ season will go, and whether they’ll make the playoffs, don’t listen to the sportswriters. Instead, pay attention to those neurotic, statistically obsessed souls who monitor baseball stats daily, akin to the way day traders study investment opportunities. That’s right: fantasy baseball players. Yesterday, a Yahoo! Sports blog recommended that fantasy owners scoop up Rockies left fielder Carlos Gonzales: After the Rockies are through with Washington, they’ll be at Coors Field for 17 of 20 games and finish the season with two weeks of home games at the end of September. With the Rockies’ solid starting pitching, and Gonzales’ hot bat, the team should be able to hold on to the National League wild-card spot. They helped themselves Monday with a win over the Nationals and won again last night on Gonzales’ homer (via The Denver Post). Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is also having a monster year, but could he be on his way to becoming an NFL scout? He and Rockies center fielder Dexter Fowler visited the Miami Dolphins training camp during last weekend’s series in Miami. AthlonSports.com writes that Bill Parcels, the Dolphins’ head honcho, was so impressed by Tulo’s innate ability to name most of the team’s players without a roster, Parcels said Tulo should be a scout for the team. Maybe when he’s older, but the Rockies are going to need his defense and his power if they’re going to make a strong run in the playoffs.