It’s opening day for the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. I’ve already encountered a mass of people donned in purple and black, but come 2:10 p.m., my seat is in row three, seat nine, of the 5280 office.

I did try to find my way into the Rockpile today, but for the second lottery in as many weeks, luck just wasn’t on my side. (Turns out I didn’t win the Mega Millions either.)

On Saturday morning, Rockies fans—including me—trying to hunt down some coveted four-buck Rockpile tickets lined up outside of the right field entrance of Coors Field. To abandon the early-bird-gets-the-worm scenario, people arrived and picked a numbered wristband out of a bucket. The band listed your row and position in line.

Then Levi, a young Rockies fan, picked numbered baseballs out of another bucket to determine the order of rows to purchase tickets. Row five, my lucky number, was picked first, but that was not the number on my wristband.

My row, number 17, was picked ninth. Only four rows ever made it to the ticket window. Levi didn’t pick his row until number eight, but a man who nabbed early tickets gave a pair to Levi and his dad.

I had no such luck. I didn’t get tickets, but I have devised a better plan for next year: Bring an army.