F.B.I agent Jon Lipsky retired on Friday. He will be holding a press conference today at which he will raise new allegations of misconduct concerning the 1989 Rocky Flats Investigation:

The long-muzzled FBI agent who led the 1989 raid on the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant is accusing federal prosecutors of obstructing that investigation and misleading the public on the danger of radioactive dumping there.

Here’s a quick refresher course on Rocky Flats:

In 1989, the FBI raided the Department of Energy atom bomb plant at Rocky Flats, which had been ignoring pollution laws on the grounds of national security. The raid was the first ever by the FBI on a sister U.S. government agency and led to a three-year grand jury investigation. But the Justice Department rejected what grand jurors considered to be evidence of serious environmental crimes of dumping and burning radioactive and toxic waste. A plea bargain allowed Rockwell International, which ran the plant for the DOE, to pay $18.5 million in fines. No individual was charged with a crime.

The Rocky Flats grand jury foreman, Wes McKinley, joins Lipsky, as does his attorney. McKinley, now a state legislator, and his attorney have written a book on the investigation. You can read about it on their website here.

The Ambushed Grand Jury is the true story of four Citizen Investigators who uncover the Justice Department’s cover-up of deadly radioactive contamination at Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. Deceived by the Justice Department’s cover-up, relying on false assurances that Rocky Flats wasn’t as contaminated as everyone had thought, public officials now plan to open the former nuclear weapons plant to recreation. Children will play in these radioactive fields. Unless the Citizens’ Investigation — with the reader’s help — can stop these dangerous plans.

They are calling for a congressional investigation. They claim the Justice Department:

  • Restricted the FBI investigation at Rocky Flats and did not file charges for the most serious crimes found.
  • Denied the public was harmed, even though radioactive and hazardous waste contaminated ground- and drinking water.
  • Ignored evidence and did not file charges that Rocky Flats illegally stored radioactive incinerator ash.
  • Obstructed a special grand jury, Congress and an FBI agent, and lied to the court and the public about the extent of the contamination and government crimes at Rocky Flats.