Boulder’s mambo kings, Cabaret Diosa, have been throwing killer theme parties for Halloween for eight years, and this year should be no exception. The theme is “Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show,” but band has been secretive about the specifics.

Until now. Front man Juan del Queso finally came through with the details, and it sounds like one helluva show.

The band recreated the first five scenes of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” here in Colorado, and the plan is to gradually transfer the action from the film screen onto the live stage. Juan del Queso stars as the wild Transylvanian tranvestite, Dr. Frank-n-Furter, with Cabaret Diosa’s female vocalist Montana del Fuego playing Janet, and Nick Urata from opening band DeVotchKa playing Brad. Feel free to bring rice and playing cards for proper participation, but the theater might frown on umbrellas, water guns, and candles.

Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show starts tonight at the Ogden Theatre and plays Saturday and Sunday at the Boulder Theater.