Saturday’s Rocky Mountain News had this eye-opener about the latest in the teen abstinence movement, a Father-Daughter Purity Ball, in which daughters pledged to remain “sexually pure,” a promise that apparently includes kissing:

Their founders are [Randy] Wilson and his wife, Lisa, a Colorado Springs couple with a sense of humor, seven kids and a passion for spreading what the world sees as a radical idea: to live by the kind of traditional values where fathers take the lead role as family protector, sternly quizzing potential sons-in-law and teaching all their kids to wait until marriage for sex — even for their first kiss.

OK…judge not lest ye be judged, right? And to their credit, the Rocky and writer Jean Torkelson covered the event with restraint and respect. But apparently someone at the paper wasn’t entirely clear on the purity concept when they penned this subhead for the story:

Some Travelled to Ball

Daniel Brogan
Daniel Brogan
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