Former Denver Bronco Bill Romanowski, who went on to play for the Oakland Raiders, has agreed to pay his Raiders teammate Marcus Williams $415,000 to settle a jury verdict returned against him for assaulting Williams during a 2003 practice. The jury verdict was $345,000. 5280 wrote about the details of the lawsuit here. Why the extra? According to Williams’ attorney, James Brosnahan (who also represented “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh,) the jury verdict didn’t include any damages for Marcus’ pain and suffering which is required once the liability issue is resolved in his favor.

The punch broke a bone around the second-year player’s left eye, caused brain damage and ended his playing career, Williams had claimed.

Romo, represented by Denver veteran lawyer Jeffrey Springer of Springer & Steinberg, was considered by many to be the winner in the lawsuit because Williams had been seeking $4 million in damages. Springer argued to the jury that Williams was entitled to damages, just not the “payday” he was demanding. The trial had its high moments:

At one point, the smaller Springer complained to the judge that Brosnahan intimidated him by gripping Springer’s chair and shouting a question to a witness practically in his opponent’s ear. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Cecilia Castellanos reprimanded Brosnahan for the incident and told both attorneys to stay on their own side of the counsel’s table for the remainder of the trial.

In the touch of irony department, Romo is now preparing for his next gig: He plays a sadistic prison guard in the remake of “The Longest Yard.”