Can Bob Beauprez be so foolish as to try and swift-boat Bill Ritter this late in the game by trotting out an African widow to talk about a fatal car accident in Africa during the year Ritter spent as a missionary? An accident that Ritter has not only acknowledged but explained?

That’s what a right-wing web site said Beauprez will do tomorrow at a news conference on the steps of the capitol.

Beauprez’ office denies the press conference is about Ritter’s accident. But rumors are still swirling that he may not only bring this up but have the poor African widow make a personal appearance before Election Day.

I remember when Bob Beauprez said he wasn’t going to get down in the mud in this campaign. If he stoops so low as fly in a poor African widow for personal political gain, it looks like hewill have once again earned his “Both Ways Bob” label.