On Sunday close to 6,000 runners will rise before the sun, grab their bananas, oatmeal, and other healthy grub, and sleepily pin their numbers to their shirts to run the Colorado Colfax Marathon. Sure, this means some annoying road closures (see below), but it’s an opportunity to see the historic Colfax Avenue in a positive, vibrant way. Those who aren’t quite ready for the full or half marathon can also sign up for the five-legged relay race, or simply volunteer their time in order to join the festivities.

Race with friends: This relay has five legs to match different ability levels. The first and third are 10Ks, the second and fourth are 5K, and the anchor is a 12K.

Volunteer: Volunteers, both individuals and groups, are still needed for race day. It takes 2,000 people to make the race happen. Someone’s got to hand out water to the thirsty runners.

Road closures: If you head downtown to join the party, check here to see what roads to avoid and when to travel.  Also, note that the RTD schedule may change slightly on race day.

Sun, May 17. 6 a.m.
City Park Pavilion, 17th and Steele streets, 303-770-9600