Thursday, we wrote about the flap between Senator Salazar and James Dobson over the Nuclear Option and urged readers to call Salazar and thank him for his position.

The Rocky Mountain News reports today that Salazar’s constituents have been doing just that in great numbers — although he’s receiving criticism as well as praise.

The phones rang a couple times each minute. E-mails came fast and furious. And by the close of business Friday, Sen. Ken Salazar’s staff had heard from thousands of folks either angered or heartened by his verbal attack on the state’s biggest evangelical Christian group. Salazar won back some old friends and made some new political enemies this week, after he accused Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family of using “un- Christian” political tactics to clear the way for controversial judicial nominees.

That’s OK. Whichever side you’re on, it’s empowering to exercise your civic voice.