Via the Washington Post: Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo) was intervewed by Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on Fox News about Judge Alito. From the transcript:

DOOCY: All right, Senator Salazar, we understand at 9:30 this morning, just about two hours from now, you’re going to sit down for a meeting with the so-called Gang of 14 in Senator McCain’s office.

….But I was reading some of the morning paper, Senator, and that is that the Gang of 14’s got a problem. At least two members, DeWine and Graham — Lindsey Graham of South Carolina — have both said that Judge Alito is not somebody anybody should ever filibuster. So suddenly it looks as if the Gang of 14 may not be as potent as it was last time.

SALAZAR: You know, there are a lot of good people who are in that group of 14 and I think what we need is to have more time to get to a decision. It may be that Judge Alito will not even have the 51 votes to get confirmed. I mean, that may be the reality at the end of the day when the Senate Judiciary Committee and the FBI report and everything else comes out on Judge Alito.

So I think it’s too early to be prejudging anything with respect to this nomination.

KILMEADE: Senator, how much have you studied him yet? Because we understand the workload is tremendous for people that are going to vote for him. What do you know about his record that troubles you? What do you know about his record that you like?

SALAZAR: Well, what I like about Judge Alito is that he has an excellent academic background and he’s a good writer. What troubles me about him is he’s the judge on the 3rd Circuit who has dissented the most — dissented on very important cases. And in fact, if you look at the number of dissents that he’s issued, it’s over 60 in a short number of years.

You know, I don’t know whether Judge Alito is in the mainstream of American legal thought, and I don’t want to cast my vote in confirming somebody who isn’t going to check their ideology at the door. They should not be using the Supreme Court to advance their own political or ideological agenda.