It’s official. Colorado Senator Ken Salazar will vote to confirm Judge John Roberts as Chief Justice of the United States.

Salazar said he was confident Roberts would not reverse the progress of civil and women’s rights, recognized the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution and understood the importance of freedom of religion and religious pluralism.

….The Sen. said Roberts also told him that he recognized Roe vs. Wade and other abortion decisions as the law and precedent of the Supreme Court. “He respects the precedent of the Supreme Court, which to me says that he will not have an agenda on the bench to come in and undo those decisions,” Salazar said. “I don’t think he will vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade.”

How about the separation of church and state? Or a constitutional right to privacy? Salazar doesn’t mention discussing either with Judge Roberts.

Salazar also promised that if the next nominee fails the “mainstream” test, he will lead the charge against the nominee. Of course, this is just another subjective test. What constitutes “mainstream?” Someone who is not a right-wing ideologue. But how far right does one have to be before being considered an ideologue? Salazar doesn’t say.

He can’t …. it’s just another shade of gray.