Colorado Senator Ken Salazar may be having an identity crisis. Monday, he came out swinging against President Bush’s plan to change social security. Tuesday, when at least 30 of the 45 Democrats in the Senate said they will vote against confirming Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General on Thursday, Salazar announces at a private luncheon that he will support Gonzales.

Armando at Daily Kos is scathing in his criticism of Salazar. In fact, he goes a little overboard. Yet, there’s no denying that there is significant opposition to Gonzales from Latino groups and that Democrats almost unanimously oppose him. So what’s up with Salazar? He wouldn’t be voting for Gonzales only because he’s Hispanic, would he?

Gonzales seemed like a sure bet a month ago. Now, while he still will be confirmed, there will be loud opposition from Democrats, civil liberties and human rights groups. If Salazar is not basing his support for Gonzales on race, and merely wants to show Republicans his bi-partisan spirit, he’d be far smarter to pick a different issue to jump sides on.