While we’re accustomed to honoring great artists posthumously, Salvador Dali is making some unusual headlines these days. The late Spanish surrealist painter, perhaps best known for his melting clocks and bizarre landscapes, recently edged out 14,000 men in a contest for the best moustache of all time—curly at right angles from his mouth.

Now, one of his rare signed lithographs has popped up alongside a cat-shaped candelabra in a Goodwill thrift store in Grand Junction. The lithograph, of an oil painting entitled “The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus,” is numbered 168 out of 300, writes the Sentinel. Goodwill employees don’t know who donated the art, but they’ve identified it as potentially valuable (although they have not yet had it authenticated) and hope to sell it for what similar lithographs signed by Dali go for—as much as $7,000. The nonprofit plans to auction the item, which might have been sold for $10 had a regular customer not brought it to the attention of the store manager.

The work, which you can view on Wikipedia, chronicles Columbus’ arrival to the New World, depicting the explorer as a Catalonian, representing a theory at the time that Columbus was from Spain and not Italy.