It happened Christmas Eve at the Samaritan House shelter in Denver. A man appearing to be in his 40’s walked in and handed out hundred dollar bills to the more than 300 residents of the homeless shelter. By the time he finished, he had handed out more than $35,000.

“It was like seeing Santa Claus and God all at once,” said William Chengelis, who has lived at the shelter since November. “You hear about stuff like that but you don’t think you’ll be there when it happens.”

While the donor’s name is not known, he did tell the residents something about himself, including that he had once stayed at a homeless shelter. He said he lives in Denver and also distributes money to the homeless in Las Vegas.

Possibly his biggest single donation was $5,000 to a family of six who had been in the shelter for several days.

Now that’s a great Christmas story.