Sometimes I really wish I was a little kid again. Like last Sunday, when I made my first foray into the adventure that is Christmas-shopping-at-the-mall. (I usually prefer to hit the local boutiques, but sometimes you just gotta have things from the mall stores too — like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree from Urban Outfitters that my husband simply had to have for the office this year.) We were cruising along, blending in with the fast pace of holiday shoppers, when we came to the center of the mall. That’s when my eyes got saucer-huge, and I had to lean against the handrail to gawk at the Santa setup this year. It rocks. Like, really rocks. It’s basically a huge promotion for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I loved the books growing up, and I loved the scene it made at the mall: a massive, crystal-clear towering snowglobe filled with a fantasy land, complete with lamppost, forest, plenty of swirling snowflakes, and of course, jolly old St. Nick plopped down in a comfy chair in the center. I was mesmerized, and for a moment I felt like I was five years old. Of course, I was quickly yanked back into reality when a member of the mall’s janitorial staff bumped me while she attempted to wipe the fingerprints from the sparkling-clean rail I had been leaning on. I blinked, made a kid-worthy scrunchy face at the lady, and went back to my task at hand. But if you have any little ones who have yet to tell Santa about a certain wish this year, you know where to go. Just look inside the wardrobe at Cherry Creek.