In her latest exercise in rhetoric, Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate-turned-reality-TV-star, claims America is on a “road to ruin.” The problem is misguided Washington policies, she told a crowd gathered over the weekend to honor the legacy of former President Ronald Reagan (via the Associated Press). For example, the Obama administration is doing “everything” in its power “to stymie responsible domestic drilling.”

For all the attacks Palin dishes out, she seems to receive a fair amount in return. In fact, an “onslaught of personal attacks,” caused the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation to cancel a Patriots & Warriors Gala slated for May 2 at the Infinity Park Events Center in Glendale. Palin was scheduled to speak at the event, which the organizers called off, citing safety concerns (via the Denver Post). “Few details” are available about the group, notes the Associated Press. Palin, however, is an industry, replete with book deals, television appearances, and a political action committee that raised $3.5 million last year. She’s got so much invested in her brand she’s seeking to trademark her name, reports Politics Daily.