I’m taking tonight off from all things nightlife. This week has been crazy busy in that just-got-back-from-vacation sort of way. You know, when your inbox is overflowing and you wonder how you’ll ever get your work all done? And then you have to jet out the door with no time to spare to make your next meeting? Yeah, you’ve had that week. Plus, after last night’s networking event at Wash Park Grille followed by a tequila tasting event at Mezcal, and Wednesday night’s dinner at 5 Degrees followed by cocktails at Brix and dancing at the hi-dive, I’m exhausted and I think my liver deserves to detox.

So. Tonight is movie night. Tomorrow, however, is looking like a crazy Saturday, with plenty of cool events on the calendar.

There’s the 80’s prom at the High Street Speakeasy, which seems to be the popular party theme this summer. I do have a perfectly obnoxious dress with a huge nasty taffeta butt bow and big shoulder pads, but you really can’t party-hop in an 80’s prom dress, can you?

Then there’s the fashion show and anniversary party for Cleo Parker Robinson Dance at 5 Degrees. This will be held around the fountain in the back courtyard, and sounds like a classic summertime soiree. Think pretty people, pretty decor, pretty drinks. Pretty sure the butt bow would be problematic for this one.

Over at 2101 Champa (also known as the Wave), Softcore Saturdays is brought to you by the same cool kids that have made Lipgloss on Fridays at La Rumba one of the best club nights in town. I could probably swing the shoulder pad look here.

Later, I might hit Bender’s Tavern to see Rhett Lee (formerly of Carolyn’s Mother) turn out some rockin’ alt-country tunes on stage with his new band, Ten Cent Redemption. Definitely not the right place for taffeta.

And then there is the Island Style reggae party at Kazmo’s lounge at 13th & Kalamath. Kazmo’s is known for keeping the party going strong until late into the evening, and it opens on Sundays at 7am so the serious night owls can return to keep the party rolling. I’ll take a permanent rain check on the 7am dance party, but the reggae bash sounds irie, mon. Think I could bring flip flops for an 80’s beach prom thing? No? Maybe not.

So there you go. I may or may not be seen tomorrow in a potentially embarrassing and future-blackmail-photo-worthy ensemble.

Better get my beauty rest tonight.