5280 Summer Guide

Right when July’s heat starts wearing on us, the boutiques of Cherry Creek North deliver one of our favorite summer treats: Sidewalk Sale. This year marks the 45th annual Cherry Creek North Sidewalk Sale, a shopping event not to be missed.

From July 16 to 19, some of the district’s finest retailers turn their shops inside-out for easy browsing and great deals. What was once a low-key way to clear stock for new merchandise has become a major retail event: Think custom tents with misting sprays and special purchase orders for savvy shoppers.

“For some stores Christmas is the big shopping season,” says Rosella Louis, owner of The Brass Bed Fine Linens. “For us it’s the Sidewalk Sale.” In fact, when we spoke with Louis she was just back from Italy where she placed a special order for custom sheet sets just for sale. “They are priced very well,” says Louis. “I can make the large order because I know we’ll have the demand.” Translation: It’s the good stuff, not just the things that didn’t sell all year.

Another Cherry Creek North landmark, SOL Store of Lingerie brings in special merchandise and creates extra fitting rooms to manage the sidewalk shoppers looking for deep discounts on fine lingerie, pajamas, loungewear, and swimwear. (What’s better than bargain hunting under SOL’s cool misting tent?)

Our advice? A sale this big requires planning—and budgeting. Take stock of your favorite shops in the area and make sure they’re participating in this year’s sale. (You can check out the sale map here.) From clothing to home furnishings, toys to shoes, and everything in between, make a pre-game strategy of sales to hit. Follow your favorites on social media for special deals. Fans of SOL’s Facebook page get a sneak peek at Sidewalk Sale merchandise and hear about markdowns first. Some stores will increase discounts as the sale continues, meaning Sunday features the lowest prices. Check in with individual store management for specifics.

Even though she’ll have all hands on deck at The Brass Bed, Louis plans to sneak out to shop the neighborhood herself. “I always pick up some shoes at Garbarini,” says Louis. “They just have so many racks out there I always find a few pairs.”

Speaking of shoes, be sure to wear comfortable ones, and stay hydrated for the outing. If shopping were a sport, this would be a marathon, but the spoils of victory are so much sweeter. “We expect big crowds, so we stock up with some very nice things,” says Louis. “No one takes a day off during Sidewalk Sale, but it’s a very exciting time.”

For a full list of participating retailers visit cherrycreeknorth.com.

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