On Sunday, firefighters were celebrated as heroes on the Pearl Street Mall for their efforts to fight the voracious Fourmile Fire west of Boulder, which consumed more than 6,000 acres, destroying 169 homes. The firefighters made eight-year-old Wilder Lhatso-Suppan very grateful: “Our house really got saved, and our cats. Firefighter friends fed our cats,” he says (via the Daily Camera).

In all, 115 pets were aided and rescued during the fire by firefighters and other groups, including the Good Samaritans, which found a cat whose paws, ears, whiskers, and nose had been burnt. Officials at Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Boulder call the small feline, rescued from under a rock in the Sugarloaf area, “Sizzle,” notes Fox 31. And Sizzle is the last of the unclaimed pets.

“He is requiring daily bandage changes and around-the-clock medical care,” says Dr. Matthew Booth.

Many people have said they would like to adopt the black cat, but the focus is still on finding its owner, points out The Denver Post.