The High Street Speakeasy has always been hard to find. But from now on, the search for the little dive bar that couldn’t will forever be in vain. Speakeasy owner John Wallace and his entire staff were uncerimoniously booted from the premises on Wednesday evening by the building’s owner; word on the street is that they were behind on payments, hence the ousting. I’m told that employees were not even allowed back in for their personal effects after the locks were changed. Ouch.

The Speakeasy has closed before — and reopened shortly thereafter — but this time, it seems that Wallace is done with a long uphill battle. Maybe it’s because no one could seem to find the place, hidden as it was in an odd part of the Cole neighborhood northeast of LoDo among dusty old Victorian homes and sprawling warehouses. Maybe the ghosts who are said to haunt the old building – a sometime flophouse for railroad workers, working gals, and a longtime bar – didn’t like the new wave of indie hipsters who frequented the place most recently. Maybe it was just a matter of bad luck and poor timing. Whatever the reason, the summer series of “Save the Speakeasy” parties didn’t work, and the cool little watering hole is now gone for good.

Gone, but not forgotten. Join the staff, former owner, and heartbroken hipsters for a goodbye bash on Friday at the home of one of the longtime regulars, held at 28th & High St. It’s a private home but the public is welcome, and the “Save the Speakeasy Pajama Party” theme will still hold, including games of Twister, Jello fights, and other retro geek-chic party games.

So long, Speakeasy. You’ll be missed.