The Rocky Mountain News has reported that 5280 blogger Jason Bane is one of the the three anonymous pundits behind the popular Colorado Pols website. We were unaware of this until earlier today.

The identity of the Colorado Pols has been one of the state’s most talked about mysteries since the site went online late last year. And by the sound of it, the News went to extraordinary lengths to uncover Jason’s identity, including several weeks of “high-tech magic,” according to M.E. Sprengelmeyer of the paper’s Washington bureau who called me today for a comment.

We’ve reviewed Jason’s posts for, and remain convinced that his work meets the same high professional standards we set for all our contributors, both in the magazine and here on online.

Jason contributes to 5280 as a freelancer. More on his background is available here.

Daniel Brogan
Daniel Brogan
Daniel Brogan is the founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of 5280 Publishing, Inc.