This video shows an incredible event that happened this morning when a scaffold with window washers got hit by high winds and began smashing out windows at Denver Plaza Tower at 999 18th St. Nearly two dozen windows are broken on what appear to be 12th floor of the building. Papers and debris flew out of the offices and started to blow all over the place, making the street below look like a disaster zone….Firefighters had to block of the street and clear the area because of the raining glass and debris. Several cars parked on the street below have dents and broken windows. If you’re headed downtown, you might want to take an alternate route:

The scaffolding has been secured to the building but traffic to the area remains blocked. Firefighters are knocking the remaining glass from the windows and they are worried that it might fall below and injure a pedestrian. Police say 18th is closed from Champa to Arapahoe, Curtis is closed at 17th, and Arapahoe is closed at 19th. The Denver Police Department is expected to reopen the area by rush area.

Fox News Channel’s Denver Bureau is on the 16th floor of the building. They ought to have some great video, but so far, I don’t see any on their site.