The Church of Scientology, a group that offers a precise path to mankind’s “true spiritual nature,” including a Supreme Being, has paid $8.5 million for a nearly 45,000-square-foot building at 2300-2346 Blake St. near Coors Field. That’s a deal given that the building was listed at $14 million back in 2008, points out The Denver Post. The Los Angeles-based church has maintained a presence in Denver since 1971 but has outgrown its current space. The new site will include public information displays, a chapel for religious services and weddings, as well as facilities for outreach.

The church has seen its share of headlines over the years, but it recently captured international attention after being targeted by the “Anonymous” group behind the rolling “denial of service” attacks on corporations that cut ties with WikiLeaks. An Anonymous subgroup known as Project Chanology launched its attack on the church after it allegedly sought to prevent the spread of a video interview featuring actor Tom Cruise, a member of the church, which had been leaked online, Britain’s Telegraph wrote last month.