Scott McInnis’ plagiarism scandal is unlikely to blow over, says former Congressman Tom Tancredo, and that means McInnis should get out of the governor’s race.

“This is so important for [Republicans],” Tancredo tells 9News. “I don’t think Scott can win a general election. That’s the bottom line here.”

So who can?

Without so much as a nod to Dan Maes, another Republican in the race, Tancredo argues that people should write in his name on the primary ballot.

If you don’t like Tancredo, maybe a former candidate for U.S. president, University of Colorado President Bruce Benson, will do. His name is also on a “short list” of possible McInnis replacements, according to Boulder’s Daily Camera, despite reports that the local GOP is not looking to “dump” him.

McInnis, meanwhile, says he’s going to stay in the race.

“They’re bullying the wrong guy. I love the fight,” he says in his first remarks to The Denver Post since the paper first covered the ordeal. Earlier, McInnis wrote on his Facebook fan page and Twitter feed: “I am in it to win it. We will continue to fight for Colorado’s businesses and families and will not leave this race. Stay strong!”

Reactions to that post have been mixed. One fan writes: “Stay in the race Scott. It was a big mistake…it’s over and we need you running this State for the next 4 years!” Another says: “Scott—at least have some integrity and drop out of the race. Tom Tancredo is completely right—you are an unethical person & now have NO CHANCE at winning.”

What happens on the ballot if McInnis drops out? 7News answers that question.