The sun is out. Coors Field is taunting us with mid-afternoon baseball games. We’re all dusting off the patio furniture and imagining the barbecues we want to host, where we can get sunburned with friends over burgers and buckets of cold beer.

Unfortunately, it’s only April, and we all know that means we have a few more bouts with spring storms before we can safely don our flip-flops and tank tops.

The good news is that the brewers at Del Norte Brewing Co. have sensed our summertime urgency and created Cinco, a Mexican-style summer lager. I had a pint recently at My Brother’s Bar (it’s only available there and at Flood Stage Ale Works in Brighton) and enjoyed the light hint of hops, as well as the crisp, clean flavor. It’s like Corona, except locally made and even tastier.

Cinco weighs in at just 4.3 percent ABV (nice for sunshine sipping) and was initially planned for release only as a summer seasonal. But the brewers have received such good feedback, they’re considering it for their full-time lineup.

Cinco will be released in bottles mid-April.