oskar-blues-gubnaIt’s been a long, dark, stout-and-porter-filled winter—a chilly season of espresso notes, caramel flavors, and heavy ABVs. And after recently trying pour after pour of delicious winter beers at Wynkoop’s Parade of Darks beer festival, I’ve reached my limit. I need hops!

So, Oskar Blues, thank you for the Gubna IPA, a brilliantly single-hopped beer made with only summit hops for its flavor, smell, and dry-hopping. Rye malt balances and imparts a spicy flavor, and the result is a beer so citrus-hoppy it left me longing for the first day of spring.

For now, the Gubna is only available on tap at Oskar Blues’ three locations, but it is set to be released in cans around March 1 and will be around through November. Be warned: This big beer weighs in at 9.5 percent alcohol, proving winter beers aren’t the only brews that can pack a punch.