I think all beer lovers have an unspoken wish to have a brew named after them. What better way to live on in the world than to have a rich combination of hops and malts bearing your name on tap?

Oskar Blues Brewery has bestowed this very honor on local rockabilly musician and Elvis impersonator Jonny Barber, aka Velvet Elvis.

Barber’s namesake beer is a rich and creamy seasonal stout that has a thick, dark presence in a pint glass. (The beer is only available on tap at Oskar Blues locations.) The chocolaty flavor and clean finish after its thick mouth feel reminds me of Guinness, but this beer packs a harder punch at seven percent ABV.

What could possibly be better than having a beer named after you? A video of you making your own beer, of course. This step-by-step look is also an educational perspective on the brewing process.