I’ve outed myself as someone who enjoys a low-alcohol brew in the summertime. It’s soak-your-shirt hot out there, after all, and heavy beers don’t feel refreshing.

Enter the saison, originally conceived for farmworkers to drink after a long day in the fields. The style is famously flexible, as different farms brewed unique flavors.

In that spirit, Twisted Pine Brewery offers its own version, a Belgian-style saison that comes in a 22-ounce bomber.

This light Belgian hits all the right notes for a summer brew to share with friends. The yeast is showcased delicately with a slight bready note in the nose, complemented by subtle fruit flavors. And at five percent ABV, it’s light enough to drink in the full sunshine. The well-balanced flavor is also light enough to drink on its own or paired with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Le Petite Saison was released in June and will be available through September.