This winter has turned me into a totally different beer drinker. Typically, the dark, roasty, winter seasonals come out, and I continue to buy myself the heavily-hopped IPAs. But drinking beer is just like listening to music: You start trying things you typically wouldn’t pick out—and you start appreciating them.

After a winter full of big, sweet beers, however, I feel like I’ve been eating dessert for months. And this week’s seasonal, Breck Brewery’s Oatmeal Stout, is like sitting down with your own personal chocolate cake.

Breathe in this dark beer, and you’ll get coffee and caramel notes. The flavor is very chocolatey as it washes through your mouth, where it leaves a thick, syrupy feel. Expect the roast of the oatmeal and bitter espresso to linger in your nose—a strong finish to a sweetly flavorful beer.