While many spring and summer seasonals are either pale ales or wheat beers, Left Hand Brewing Company has a different take: a ginger beer.

Having tasted a lot of creative beers, I usually like the idea of a ginger beer more than the actual brew itself. While it sounds refreshing and summertime-light, the ginger can be overbearing and spicy.

I was recovering from a stomach bug when I tried Left Hand’s Juju, and I reasoned that the ginger might actually soothe my belly. (Us beer lovers will go far in justifying our drinking.) A smell of the beer gave a fresh, slightly spicy nose without too much ginger.

The first flavor is of light, bready yeast, imparting a very clean mouthfeel on the tongue with just a tinge of ginger at the end. With another taste I got a hint of the ginger at the beginning of the flavor, but it blended cleanly, and I was surprised to find it complemented by the yeast rather than the malts.

The next day, I was fully recovered. Maybe there is some good juju in the bottle, after all.

Good Juju Ginger Ale shipped earlier this month and is available during the spring and summer.